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The Foundation is vital to the relationship between you and your dog. An owners responsibility is to ensure mental and physical health to their companion.


Puppy Kindergarten

Start your journey in the right direction. Raising a dog is never easy but that doesn't mean it can't be simple. Let us help build you a confident, reliable dog  with a strong healthy relationship.


Aggression Control 

A topic our school was built around. 

Indiscriminate aggression is insecurity, insecurity is anxiousness.

"Become the Leader Your Dog Deserves".


At Marley’s Misfits, we believe that no dog is beyond help, and that with the proper tools, training, and practice, any misfit can achieve greatness.


Our trainers are united by our strong appreciation, love and respect for dogs. Coming from a variety of different backgrounds, our team has experience working with strays, shelter dogs, pet dogs, therapy dogs, and working dogs. Through these experiences and working with our own dogs, we’ve all discovered the passion to help dogs and their owners live their best lives!


At MMDT, we recognize that each dog is their own individual, with their own unique learning style and needs, and so we aim to create a strong and positive relationship between the handler and dog by using a balanced training approach. We are committed to help you make the necessary changes so that your dog becomes calm, confident, and reliable, and to help maintain a healthy relationship and lifestyle between you and your furry friend.


Join the pack and Become the Leader Your Dog Deserves

About MMDT



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Nicole G

Thank you so much Joseph for helping us reach our goal for Zeus. Best training my Rottweiler has gotten. I recommend this to everyone.

Gloria & Richard

Thank you for empowering us with the knowledge and tools to train Kobe. Your bulletproof methods and professionalism were always appreciated.  

Carla V

We learned so much from Joey from Marley & Me Dog Training! Best investment we made!

Derrick & Julia

Joey has extensive knowledge and experience working with many different breeds of dogs. He taught - us - the handlers on how to be the best for our dog and her training. 

2283 Dundas St W Toronto, Canada


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Check Us Out On Instagram @MMDT.Pack

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